First Post on New Blog

First Post using Hugo and GitLab Pages! So, the Software Freedom School is looking into using hugo for their new website. So I thought I would check it out myself. It’s actually looking pretty darn cool! It hasn’t taken much to get it set up and while I’m still working on removing/updating the default content, everything seems to be pretty darn easy to use. I’m looking forward to adding more content as time goes on. [Read More]

Currently Looking for Full Time Work

Currently on the hunt for full time employment. Well, unfortunately, COVID-19 got me and I find myself in need of a new job. I’m looking for something in the System Administration / DevOps Engineer line of work in the Denver Metro area. If you are hiring or know someone that is, please feel free to let me know. You can view a short version of my resume in the menu above or email me and request a copy of my current full resume. [Read More]